A busy life often means putting cleaning on the back burner, but there's technology that helps put basic chores, like vacuuming, back to the top of the to-do list. TopTenREVIEWS has evaluated the top robot vacuum cleaners that can clean your floor, even when no one is home.

"Robot vacuum cleaners are a convenient way to get your cleaning done," said Lecia Monsen, Managing Editor of TopTenREVIEWS. "Setting your vacuum to clean for you will give you more time for other important aspects of your busy life."

The Top 3:

1. Roomba 770: In the top slot on the review, the Roomba 770 ranks well in functionality, performance, features, and help and support. Its ability to trap allergens and clean hard-to-reach places are some of the features that pushed it to the top of the lineup.

2. Neato XV-21: The Neato XV-21 earns the second spot with its high-quality performance and functionality. It offers virtual map navigation as well as the ability to sense doorways and even avoid obstacles. It also receives high marks in help and support with many ways to get customer service and rapid response times on inquires.

3. CleanMate QQ3-T: Making the third top spot, CleanMate QQ3-T ranked high in all TTR's rating criteria and specifically high in help and support. Its disinfecting capabilities make it stand out among all the rest of the robot vacuum cleaners on the review; it is the only one equipped with a UV disinfecting light.

What Makes a Top-Notch Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

All robot vacuum cleaners have the same task in mind, but some boast more features and better performance than others do. TTR's reviewers tested each robot vacuum cleaner in the following rating categories.

Functionality: The best robot vacuum cleaners function well in many different scenarios including using infrared sensors to avoid obstacles and navigate from room to room with ease.

Performance: Performance is key when it comes to robot vacuum cleaners. Look for units that boast excellent run times and operating patterns, as well have the ability to clean different surfaces and to clean on a set schedule. Top contenders perform well in nearly all these categories.

Features: Additional features give the robot vacuum cleaners a little something extra. Multi-room navigation, a full bin indicator light and room memory make a robot vacuum cleaner top of the line on the features end of things.

Help & Support: Manufacturers that offer a number of different avenues to get technical support make it quick and easy to gather information or get assistance with your robot vacuum cleaner. Support via phone, email, video tutorials, FAQs and a user manual all are included with top robot vacuum cleaners.

The best robot vacuum cleaners can help lighten the cleaning load and can even do the repetitive chore quickly and efficiently – even when you're not around.

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A busy life often means putting cleaning on the back burner, but there's technology that helps put basic chores, like vacuuming, back to the top of the to-do li