Relationships can be tough on us greenies. After all, it’s hard enough finding a nice, attractive, non Fatal Attraction-esque mate — scoring a significant other with a green conscience as well is like finding the proverbial ecologically mined diamond in the rough. If you’re like the rest of us, just reading this blog is giving you screaming flashbacks of that dismissed beau with a recyclable bottle in his trash, the rejected girlfriend who left the water running full-blast while brushing her teeth, the appalling date who picked you up in a Hummer while scarfing down a veal sandwich.

Luckily, there’s one singles spot where meeting an environmentalist is a sure thing.Green-Passions is a free, online networking site designed for internet-savvy greenies to mingle. Unlike other internet dating sites like or eHarmony, which appeal to all kinds of singles, Green-Passions caters exclusively to the eco set. “Find others who share your interest in animal rights, alternative energy, recycling, organic farmingor endangered species,” the site reads. “Sign up now to enjoy free Green chat, Eco-friendly forums & email.”

A quick scroll through Green Passions’ forums section reveals posts from eligible eco bachelors like “natureman50” and the even more intriguing “joymongerjim.” Visitors can view pictures and extensive profiles of other Green Passions members, and can also post videos.

So if you enjoy a romantic dinner of locally grown veggies with organic chicken followed by a midnight screening of Into the Wild, perhaps Green-Passions is your place to prowl for suitors. If you’re really lucky, joymongerjim may even pick you up on a carbon-neutral bicycle built for two.

Story by Sarah Parsons. This article originally appeared in Plenty in March 2008. The story was added to

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