Google's Glass is one of the coolest pieces of mobile technology around, but getting your hands on a pair is all but impossible if you aren't a developer or associated with a media outlet. But now Google is offering everyone the opportunity to get in on the Glass action via its Explorer program. Signing up to be an explorer is as easy as visiting and clicking the How To Get One link.

Once you fill out the form, you're set. Google will -- eventually -- send you updates about your Glass request, including if you've been selected to purchase one. The headset will still cost you a cool $1,500. Unfortunately, signing up to be a Glass Explorer doesn't guarantee that you'll actually get Glass.

We've been some of the lucky few to get our hands on Glass and have found that it offers tons of potential but could uses some improvements to its battery life and offline functionality. Everything from capturing photos to getting directions is incredibly easy with the headset, though its voice detection software can occasionally pick up your voice at in opportune times.

Commercial versions of Glass are expected to launch next year, though an official date has yet to be revealed. Pricing for the final version of Glass has been estimated at roughly $300, though that hasn't been confirmed. Google is also reportedly working on an app store for Glass, as well as Google Glass pop-up shops.

Have you gotten your hands on Glass? What do you think of it?

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