There are more than 100,000 Android apps in the marketplace and scrolling through the latest Android apps might give you the impression that they’re mostly useless.

After all, who needs yet another Lao Tzu quotes app?

We’ve gone through and pulled out some of the latest Android apps that you’ll find interesting and cool.

Here’s a list of some of the best new or updated Android apps to hit the marketplace recently:

Call Blocker ($5.99)

Everyone has someone they want to hear from: it could be telemarketers, long-lost girlfriends or boyfriends, the landlord, whoever.

If you’d like to stop those calls, you can use the Call Blocker from GreyThinker. It’s described as ‘invisible,’ meaning the caller does not know their call is being blocked.

Also, you can use the Google Calendar to schedule blocked calls.

CardioTrainer (Free)

This app will be especially useful for anyone into walking, running, biking and other cardio activities.

It received high praise from The New York Times, which recently said CardioTrainer was “arguably better than any fitness app on the iPhone.”

The app tracks calories and includes a GPS and a pedometer to help you measure how far you’ve gone.

In addition, it can help you schedule your workouts and send you a reminder so that you don’t miss one.

There’s also a music player for listening to tunes while you walk, run or bike.

Google Books (Free)

The search giant recently launched its e-book store and this companion app lets you pick up reading where you left off on your desktop computer.

Here’s an added bonus: Google Books has more than three million free books.

The one drawback seems to be that readers want to be able to disable the sleep function on their phones so that it doesn’t disrupt their reading.

It doesn’t have as many functions as a Kindle but the folks at Google have a way of innovating so stayed tuned.

SkyGrid (Free)

This popular iPhone and iPad app is now available for Android devices.

SkyGrid is a custom news reader that lets you set alerts and notifications to help you track your favorite news.

You can get constant updates for ‘hot’ news and categories of news that are important to you.

It also allows you to share articles easily on Facebook, Twitter and email.

Loky ($4.72)

This security app lets you create a private space on your phone for hiding sensitive texts, emails, documents and more in a secure area.

Recent changes give users several options for when they receive a Loky message. You can chose to have a ‘dummy’ text message display in your real inbox, have the phone vibrate or have it play one of three sounds.

In addition, there’s a security log that will record when someone tries to log into Loky without the user’s permission.

Santa Booth (Free)

Here’s a fun app that might come in handy at the office holiday party.

The Santa Booth app lets you take a picture of someone, add visual effects to make them appear 200 pounds heavier and then add a Santa hat, moustache, beard and bushy eyebrows.

After you get done laughing, you can send it to friends via text message, email or Facebook.

What are some other latest Android apps? Leave us a note in the comments below.

Latest Android apps
Latest Android apps. There are more than 100,000 Android apps in the marketplace and scrolling through the latest Android apps might give you the impression tha