Like to hike and give back? There’s an app for that. Green Boot Media recently launched the Green Boot app, available for download on the iTunes website. This new app functions as a pedometer for users while simultaneously allowing them to put their steps to good use. The more steps you accumulate through Green Boot, the more you can donate to a land trust, nature preserve, or conservation organization of your choice.

Just how does the Green Boot app work? The user starts the app while running, hiking or walking in the wilderness or even on the treadmill. The app records the steps as a pedometer. Once finished, the user submits his or her steps and chooses the program that should benefit from the donation. As Green Boot tells it, “There are no actual funds given by the user. The funds are donated from the proceeds from the ad stream that is running while the user is signed in to the program. Therefore, the more users using the app, the more possible donations there are for organizations that really need it.”

Green Boot is a media company supporting green initiatives and charities through interactive media exposure. By promoting land and fitness conservation through technology, the company allocates 15 percent of its annual proceeds to protecting parks, wetlands and more.

John Kelly is the founder and CEO of the company. He says that even though the Green Boot iPhone app went public just over a month ago, it already offers donations to more than 75 organizations. Further, the company intends to have local organizations across the country register with Green Boot so that users will be able to find a beneficiary in their local area.

The Green Boot app is not the only eco-initiative for the iPhone. The National Parks Conservation Association App provides a complete view of park wildlife, as well as a comprehensive ecosystem review of 50 national parks. Project NOAH offers an app to help turn your handheld device into a wildlife-spotting tool. And there’s even an app to help people with their recycling.

Make every step count: New app promotes land conservation
Free Green Boot app provides much needed funding for public lands and nature organization.