You’re enjoying your iPad, or you’re getting an iPad for someone as a gift. Why not go ahead and load it up with the must-have iPad apps?

Here’s a list of just those apps for all your on the go tablet needs:

iBooks (Free)

Probably our favorite app on the iPad, iBooks is a great way to read ebooks you’ve purchased from Apple. Read more: iBooks iPad app

Angry Birds (99 cents)

You don’t want to miss out on the hottest mobile gaming trend of the year, do you? We didn’t think so. Using birds with various abilities, you must destroy as much property as possible in as few turns as possible. Read more: Angry Birds iPad app

Fruit Ninja HD ($6.49)

If Angry Birds is a little too slow paced for you, we recommend Fruit Ninja. You’ll use your finger to slash incoming fruit as quickly as you can. But don’t slash the bombs! The iPad version includes a 2-player option so you can slice with a friend. Read more: Fruit Ninja iPad app

Netflix (Free)

Curling up to watch a movie in bed on Netflix Watch Instantly with your laptop is a difficult and dangerous task. Why not use the iPad app instead? Read more: Netflix iPad app

NPR for iPad (Free)

There are a lot of news apps out there for you to use, but NPR’s app is one of the best. You can browse written content and photos and still listen to their excellent audio programming. Read more: NPR for iPad app

Instantpaper ($5)

In today’s hyperlinked environment, how many news stories, videos or blog posts do you get sent or find but don’t have time to read? You can either clutter up your favorites folder, or you can save the content to Instantpaper to be viewed later. Read more: Instantpaper iPad app

iWork ($10 each, $30 for the suite)

The iPad edition of Apple’s its productivity suite of Pages, Keynote and Numbers. The touchscreen interface makes up for the iPad’s occasionally clunky keyboard. Read more: iWork iPad app

Star Walk ($2.99)

The iPad equivalent of Google SkyMap, Star Walk will have you staring up at the sky through your iPad, identifying the stars and other celestial visuals. Read more: Star Walk iPad app

TextPlus (Free)

Over on your texting, or is your phone’s battery dead? The TextPlus app has you covered with its ability to send SMS to any phone you have the number for. Read more: TextPlus iPad app

Epicurious (Free)

The essential app for any budding chef. You can search recipes, create shopping lists and follow step-by-step instructions right from the iPad. Even better, you can create an ingredients list for your shopping needs accessible from your iPad or iPhone. Read more: Epicurious iPad app

Did we leave out any other must-have iPad apps? Let us know in the comments below.

Must-have iPad apps
You're enjoying your iPad, or you’re getting an iPad for someone as a gift. Why not go ahead and load it up with the must-have iPad apps?