The iPhone is one of the most popular phones in the world, so it makes sense to download the must-have iPhone apps to make your phone that much cooler.

Here’s a list of 10 must-have iPhone apps (in no particular order):

Urbanspoon (Free)

So you’re in a new city and have no idea where to grab a bite. Or you’re in your hometown and are tired of the same old same old. Load up Urbanspoon and let the app decide for you in a slot-machine interface. You can even set certain values, like how pricy the restaurant can be. Read more: Urbanspoon app

RedLaser (Free)

An accurate and easy to use barcode scanning app that allows you to price compare across online and local retailers. Read more: RedLaser app

Ocarina ($1)

An enjoyable music app. You’ll blow into the mouthpiece while playing your fingers across the four “holes” on the screen to create tunes. Surprisingly addictive little app. Read more: Ocarina app

FlightTrack Pro ($10)

The perfect app for those who are always in the air, FlightTrack Pro will give you every detail of every flight, down to where the plane is on the map. The app, through, will also allow you to book a flight. Read more: FlightTrack Pro app

Dragon Dictation (Free)

A speak-to-type app, Dragon Dictation will transcribe your spoken words into a box that you can then copy and paste into e-mails, tweets or text messages. It has terrific accuracy. Read more: Dragon Dictation app

CubeRunner (Free)

Sometimes the most basic-looking game can be the most addictive (Tetris, anyone?). CubeRunner has you navigating an arrow through a field littered with, you guessed it, cubes. The longer you survive without touching the cubes, the better your score. Read more: CubeRunner app

Wolfram Alpha ($2)

We joke about how the Web has put lots of knowledge at our fingertips. But you have to search for it, sorting through misleading Web sites and blogs. Well, no longer. Wolfram Alpha answers your questions without hesitation, and its database of answers is huge. $2 is a small price to pay for all of human knowledge. Read more: Wolfram Alpha app

Snapture ($2)

If there’s one thing the iPhone can struggle with, it’s taking a picture. Snapture will quickly become the replacement camera app for your phone with its easy snap photo taking, level aid and basic photo editing capabilities. Read more: Snapture app

Boxcar (Free)

It can be a pain to check all your RSS feeds, Twitter feeds and Facebook status updates on your iPhone (only one app at a time, after all). Boxcar is a push notification for those services and more, so you can quickly check everything at once. Read more: Boxcar app

Pocket Informant ($13)

It’s pricy, but this organizer app is worth it. Merge a calendar with a to-do list with micromanagement abilities, and you have a powerful tool in your iPhone. Oh, and it can sync with Google Calendars, making it great for updating information on your computer without having to re-enter the information into the phone. Read more: Pocket Informant app

Did we leave out your favorite must-have iPhone app? Let us know in the comments.

Must-have iPhone apps
The iPhone is one of the most popular phones in the world, so it makes sense to download the must-have iPhone apps to make your phone that much cooler.