The Galvanic Extimacy Responder mood sweater can quite literally make you red-faced if you're feeling nervous around that special someone.

The sweater employs galvanic skin response, the same technology used in lie-detector tests, to measure levels of arousal.

Hand sensors connected to the sweater read excitement levels and translate the data into different colors, which are reflected on the LED collar.

When a person is calm, the collar lights up blue, but as he or she becomes more excited, the color shifts to purple.

The sweater got its name from because its creators as design lab Sensoree say it promotes "extimacy," or externalized intimacy.

The wearable technology is meant to reveal a person's true feelings without relying on speech.

"Located around the larynx, the visual interface replaces speaking, as the wearer's truths are instantly expressed with color," the sweater's description reads.

A hundred of the custom-sized, high-tech sweaters will go on sale in March.

See the sweater in action in the video below.

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New mood sweater spills the beans about your true feelings
The garment utilizes the same technology used in lie-detector tests to read a person's mood. It then reflects those emotions in its LED collar.