What if you could get a boost on skis or a snowboard by holding miniature jet engines in your hands? That's basically what a company called Dreamscience made possible with what it calls the Thruster.

There are two main elements, a stick that you hold in your hands with one or two powerful electric fans at each end and a backpack full of batteries to provide power. The carbon fiber fans can spin up to 30,000 revolutions per minute, producing powerful thrust-like jet engines. It's so powerful that you can even ski uphill with it!

While still at the prototype stage, the Dreamscience Thruster has been tested. In fact, Britain’s fastest snowboarder, Jamie Barrow, had some fun with it on a frozen lake in 2014, pushing it as hard as he could. His top speed was an impressive 49.7 mph (80,6 km/h). Check out his record in the video below:

But records are made to be broken.

Pia Rivelsrud is the host of a Norwegian TV show that tests various equipment and gadgets. (She tested a hot-tub hammock in the middle of winter, among other things.) She’s also a former alpine skier, so she decided to give the Thruster a try to see how fast she could go on a frozen golf course. After four attempts she still couldn’t touch Barrow's record, but on her final try, something amazing happened. See for yourself:

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Norwegian TV host sets speed record on frozen golf course with miniature jet thruster
This thing is so powerful, you can even ski uphill!