Widely believed to be the world's top-selling puzzle toy, the Rubik's Cube has perplexed gamers hoping to boost their nerd-cred for decades now. The puzzle's 3-dimensional complexity has even earned it the reputation of being a 'genius toy.'

But now, as it seems with most things, the machines have once again beaten us at our own mind games. A robot has shattered the former Rubik's Cube world record by completing the puzzle in just 3.253 seconds, reports Phys.org.

The record-setting robot, Cubestormer 3, can be seen unscrambling a cube at The Big Bang Fair in Birmingham, UK, in the video above. The former world record was held by the robot's mechanical predecessor, Cubestormer 2, at a speed of 5.27 seconds. Though impressive, that previous record was at least more in line with the human record, held by Mats Valk of the Netherlands, which was set at 5.55 seconds back in 2013. The new record is probably forever beyond the reach of human capabilities.

Cubestormer creators David Gilday and Mike Dobson took about 18 months to design and build the robot. The robot's 'brain' is nothing more than a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone, powered by ARM processors, which analyzes the cube and coordinates the robotic arms. In order to physically solve the 3-dimensional puzzle in such a rapid timeframe, the robot hands must be amazingly precise and perfectly coordinated.

"As well as working out the solution, the ARM-powered Exynos processor has to instruct the robot to carry out the moves. This is more complex than it seems because Cubsestormer 3 uses a speed cube which allows twists before the sides are fully-aligned. It means the robot is effectively mirroring the same kind of judgment and dexterity that a human speed cube has to apply," said Gilday in a public statement.

Gilday believes his robot can eventually improve upon its own record, saying: "Our big challenge now is working out if it's possible to make it go even faster."

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Robot genius solves Rubik's Cube in record 3 seconds
Could this be the beginning of the robot apocalypse? Watch this robot shatter the Rubik's Cube record.