Whether you already own a first-generation Apple iPad or are looking to buy an iPad 2 when they come out later this month, there are a variety of accessories on the market to help keep your tablet safe, secure — even powered.

Here are six of our green favorites:
1. The Vers Shellcase: Available in eco-friendly, hand-crafted bamboo, the Vers Shellcase (pictured) has a metal foot so you can rest the iPad on a tabletop and use it at a natural incline. If you choose not to go with bamboo, there are hardwood options available, and Vers will plant 100 trees for every tree it uses in producing its products. ($79.99)
2. The Audrey iPad Purse: Fashionistas should check out this great and stylish bag. It's made from recycled "suede and satin" (both of which are made from recycled plastic bottles), "vegan leather" (in other words, leather substitute) and recycled zippers. The bag is fully padded to keep your iPad safe and offers several pockets so you can pack away any necessary cords. ($108)
3. Eco-Vue iPad Case: This Marware's iPad case comes with a flap that folds over the screen when it's not in use and a hand strap for easy carrying. The flap can also be used as a stand when you want your iPad to be vertical on a tabletop. The case is made from RoHS-certified eco-leather, which is produced with fewer toxic chemicals than typical leather tanning processes. ($54.99)
4. A Solio solar charger: Solio has several solar chargers on the market, like the popular Solio Classic. Most solar chargers on the market can't charge an iPad, which requires more juice than these small devices can provide. Solio says it is working on an iPad-specific charger, but until then, some older Solio Classic models can be used like an external battery to run your iPad. This video shows how. ($99.95)
5. Zagora iPad Sleeve: This snug sleeve protects your iPad from dents and scratches. It's made from canvas made of hemp, which is grown in China with no pesticides. ($35)
6. DIY Wooden Stand. For the do-it-yourself crowd, here's a great, inexpensive option. You can create your own iPad stand with a block of reclaimed wood, a saw, a 19mm drill bit, and sandpaper. It's not the prettiest thing in the world, but it works, and you can make it yourself with whatever wood you can find lying around. The website has complete plans on how to do it.
Do you have other favorite iPad accessories? Let us know in the comments.
Six green-minded iPad accessories
Got an iPad? Keep it safe and powered with these green options.