Whether it’s practicing green tech or green business, green design or green lifestyle, strong voices in sustainability have emerged in the online world. Mixed Greens is your guide to the best of these conversations.

The group includes thought leaders with diverse backgrounds and expertise, ranging from Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Nicholas Kristof to primatologist Jane Goodall to alternative energy guru Shai Agassi. These global voices share a common interest in the triple bottom line, a concept comprised of issues within the environment, society and the economy.

The selected people and organizations are not only leaders in their field, but are also pioneering the social approach to environmental responsibility and sustainability.  We asked ourselves: "If we didn't know anything about sustainability, who would we listen to for the unvarnished truth?’  It's all about convening online the best and most insightful voices together to make it easy for visitors to see the spectrum of ideas out there.

You can visit Mixed Greens daily to follow these conversations and we also encourage you to download the Mixed Greens widget (found on the right column of the page) to show this information with your readers.

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The Story behind Mixed Greens: Voices of Sustainability
Choosing the top authorities on sustainable living, development, and innovation