Denver man Chris Dancy has been called "the most connected man in the world," and given that he is constantly wired up to as many as 700 sensors, the title certainly fits. He could probably also be considered the "most quantified man in the world," since his many devices constantly monitor his bodily functions, environment and habits with incredible detail.

In fact, let's not mince words: Chris Dancy is a cyborg. He's probably the most complete cyborg in the world today.

For those who get overwhelmed simply using a smartphone or keeping up with social media, Dancy's lifestyle probably sounds stressful. But by binding himself so intimately with his technology, he has enabled himself to greatly improve his life for the better. For instance, his constant monitoring of his diet and caloric intake has allowed him to efficiently lose 100 pounds, according to the Daily Mail.

"I know now what to drink, what to eat, when to sleep and when to actually make myself get up. Very simple things like that," Dancy explained. "It’s body and mind hacking. Just like we hack computers and any type of data, your body and your mind is the greatest information system humanity has ever known and understanding it makes it hackable."

Just a few of Dancy's many devices include a Pebble smartwatch, Google Glass, a BodyMedia armband and Blue heart rate monitor. His house is also hooked up with just about every monitoring system you can imagine, from smart lighting systems to a mattress cover that quantifies his sleeping patterns. Collectively, he keeps track of everything about himself and his environmental and technological interactions: what he eats and drinks, how he uses e-mail, his health, vital signs and movement patterns. His devices even allow him to keep track of all of his dogs' levels of activity.

When you include all of the apps and cloud technology that he is incessantly hooked up with, Dancy claims to be connected through more than 700 sensors. And he keeps adding to it by about two or three new systems per week.

Dancy claims that his addiction to connectivity began simply as a way to consolidate all of the information and content he was creating digitally, but his obsession has now turned him into a virtual celebrity. It has even led to flourishing business opportunities, as technology companies frequently seek his advice on how to improve their products.

In fact, Dancy has found his ultra-connectivity so advantageous that he's perplexed at why so few others have followed in his footsteps.

"I have had a lot of people tell me they want to do it or they are working on it but it has been two-and-a half-years since people starting learning about me and no one has really done it. I don’t know what the hold up is as to me it is very easy to do." he said. "Either they don’t understand the value of the information or it is just something hard for them to break."

His futuristic lifestyle also puts Dancy in an advantaged position to make predictions about the future. For instance, he has pronounced that the Internet is "dead." It's being replaced by what he calls the "innernet"— the information of you.

You can witness a short glimpse of Dancy's vision of the future in the following video:

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World's most connected man is wired up to as many as 700 sensors
Chris Dancy's body is so connected to the world through technology that he might qualify as the world's most complete cyborg.