When I was at EVO, I was tasked with creating a comprehensive environmental impact model, one that went WAY beyond the regular carbon calculator drill and incorporated a wide array of impacts — land use, waste, water and toxics. Several months of number crunching later, the Total Environmental Impact was born. It measures impacts based on CO2 as well as associated land & water use and pollution impacts.

For ease of reference, I’ve included the summary impacts chart for the “Average American.”

Autos and Food are tied for 1st place:

Home Energy Use and Home Materials are close behind:

And 4 smaller "lifestyle" categories together make up another 20% of the impact pie:

Read more about the Total Environmental Impact model.

A breakdown of the 'Average' American's environmental impact
If you've ever wondered how much the 'stuff' in your life impacts the environment, this is the chart for you.