At the behest of Climate Consortium Denmark, a partnership between the Danish government and 5 of Denmark’s biggest business associations, your truly is being flown (as I type) to the climate change mecca of Copenhagen.

I've blogged quite a bit about Denmark’s rapid rise as one of the world’s leading cleantech super powers, and now I’m going to get to see it first hand.

Back in the 70’s the Danish government made a decision to jump off the cartel-controlled fossil fuel band wagon and launched into the then almost unknown territory of clean energy.

The goal? To become energy independent. The strategy? First become very energy and resource efficient in every sector – from transportation & city planning, to building design & construction; from agriculture to manufacturing.

Second. Build lots and lots and lots of windmills!

30 years later Denmark has the highest percentage of renewable energy of any country in the world; is a major driver in global cleantech investment; and as you know will be hosting the largest gathering of the heads of state in history with a goal of achieving a binding global treaty on greenhouse gas emissions before the year’s end.

It is going to be a packed week. The Climate Consortium Denmark is taking us all over the country to look at windfarms, biogas plants, low-carbon villages and the world’s only carbon-negative island, Samso. And we are promised time to explore (on bike of course) the beautiful city of Copenhagen.

I will be doing my best to post videos and blogs all week so stay tuned.  And if you have questions about climate change (or the upcoming conference), post it below & I'll work at finding you an answer. 

A whirlWIND adventure in Denmark
MNN blogger Karl Burkart joins a pack of environmental bloggers and journalists on a week-long tour of Denmark and the city that will host the most important cl