Certainly one of the highlights of the day here at the Copenhagen climate talks is the AVAAZ.org "Fossil of the Day" awards show. Styled after the Academy Awards, the variety-show-cum-activist-event singles out the top three most badly behaved COP15 countries each day. 

Here's the tally so far, leading off with the #1 Fossil for each day:

Day 1: Annex I countries, Finland-Sweden-Austria, Canada

Day 2: Ukraine, NEIN group (Non-European Industrialized Nations), Ukraine

Day 3: Canada & Croatia, Russia

Day 4: Poland, Germany, New Zealand

The Climate Action Network (CAN) is putting up all the Fossil shows on YouTube, and at the end of the climate talks they will award a "Fossil of the Year" to the worst country. It's great public theater, and you will learn a lot about climate politics.  

And the 'Fossil of the Day' goes to...
The 'Fossil of the Day' awards the worst behaved countries at the Copenhagen climate talks. Ukraine & Canada are neck and neck.