After a full day wrapping up things at the Fortune Green event in Laguna, I dashed back up to L.A for the 1st annual Green Dot Awards hosted by Boise Thomas of Planet Green fame. My friends at Opportunity Green received the Community Leadership award and kindly invited me to the green-swank event at the newly LEEDed (and very hip) Smog Shoppe.

From solar-powered lily pads & twirling wind-powered lights to sweet sorghum ethanol & one very James-Bond-like solar boat -- Green Dot judges assembled a wide variety of the best and brightest green ideas around the world.

Several hundred submissions were narrowed down to a handful and 9 were awarded by receiving a big Green Dot (made of course from recycled plastic).  And the Green Dot goes to....

TRANSPORTATION: the Volitan solar boat by Designnobis

DESIGN + BUILD: Kent Railway Station (really beautiful)

PRODUCTS: The Firewinder (spinning LED light)

SERVICES: Barkley Paperless Court Reporting (Social Carbon was runner-up)

CULTURE: Fruit of the Orchard (a book about protestors in West Texas fighting a chemical planet by Tammy Cromer-Campbell)

TECHNOLOGY: The Windancer -- a residential micro-wind product by Wind Simplicity

CONCEPT: Sweet Sorghum Ethanol for sustainable redevelopment in Africa

VISIONARY: The Coalition for a Sustainable Africa (CSAFRICA)

COMMUNITY: Opportunity Green

Congrats to Hossein Farmani for a great concept and a great show. Advice for next year, the "Other" category should be "Technology" (I've corrected it for you above), and you must add "Best Green Website!"

Thanks to green twitter guru MaxGladwell for taking this shot of me with my buddy Argam from CreativeCitizen.

And the Green Dot Award goes to...
1st Green Dot awards the best international green businesses and organizations.