The RAN panther is rearing its head to stop the destructive coal mining practice of Mountaintop Removal, this time using Twitter.  The target?


In a small gathering at the home of director Paul Haggis yesterday, RAN announced a Twitter-blast campaign in partnership with the Daily Kos inviting Obama to do a fly-over of the region and see first hand the extent of this devastating coal extraction practice.

Obama originally came out strong against MTR, and slowly that position has eroded under pressure from the coal industry and the bank(s) that back the coal industry (hint... starts with the letters J and P). 

If you have been following my posts on MTR, the practice of blowing off mountaintops to extract a few inches of coal while permanently laying waste to the most biodiverse temperate forest on earth, you will know that under the Clean Water Act this practice is illegal and needs to be stopped both for the welfare of the people and the environment of Appalachia:

If you want to join in, here's what you can do. Go to If you are not registered it takes just a few seconds. Type in the Twitter box:
@barackobama please visit Appalachia & see for yourself why #MTR needs to be stopped before it's too late! Please RT.
The goal is too flood Obama's Twitter feed with request. Why is it important to do it this week?

The battle is coming to a head right now. Last week, several actions in West Virginia garnered nation-wide attention, coinciding BOTH with the passing of the Waxman-Markey climate bill (ACES) and a standing room only Senate Hearing regarding the upcoming Appalachian Restoration Act (S 696). 

This is one of those moments when all of use can jump in and with a few clicks and key strokes really make a difference. 

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Appalachian groups target Obama
Massive twitter campaign invites @barackobama to visit Appalachia and see mountaintop removal first hand.