Typically the word "carbon" has a strong negative connotation, but Co-producer/Director Peter Byck has taken a different tack for his upcoming film, "Carbon Nation". I met Peter a few years ago and was enthralled by his collection of literally hundreds of interviews and stories about individuals and companies pioneering the frontiers of clean energy.

In a certain way the film, which is currently being edited into its final form, is like the antidote to Al Gore's near apocalyptic film "An Inconvenient Truth", purpose of which was quite different — to shock us into the reality of a climate change.

"Carbon Nation" takes the climate crisis as a starting point, exploring the myriad solutions both hypothetical and real-world, that can enable us to live prosperous and comfortable lives without jeopardizing our children's future.

The film was recently shown at the D.C. Environmental Film Festival. If you want a sneak peek of one of the most colorful and engaging characters, you can watch a short excerpt about Cliff, the one-armed cotton farmer who created the world's largest wind farm in west Texas.

'Carbon Nation' sneak peak
The rough cut of the much-anticipated film 'Carbon Nation' dives into the opportunities presented by a carbon constrained world.