Washington analysts are reporting that 20-25 senators are still undecided about climate regulation. So though the climate bill is currently taking a backseat to health care reform, pressure is beginning to build for them to back a clean energy bill.

This pressure is taking an interesting form not often seen in the environmental movement -- television ads. Though fossil fuel companies are outspending environmental and clean-tech organizations five to one, there appears to finally be sufficient budgets in environmental organizations to purchase air time in key districts.

The ad campaigns are targeting constituents of the undecided senators with clear messages that seem to prove that progressive forces in D.C. have finally arrived at a common message -- to secure the future success of America through energy independence. In other words, green is no longer wussy.

Here's another one that elucidates the new found patriotic sentiment underlying the message of clean energy, "It's not just a question of American energy. It's a question of American power."

Climate ads target undecided senators
20-25 senators are undecided on climate regulation. Now they are being hit with a wave of new climate ads urging them to support clean energy.