Copenhagen. Day 1. Rough.

A bomb scare Sunday night forced a shut down of the iron-clad security system at the Bella Center, the site of the Copenhagen climate talks. The result was a line that had to be close to a quarter mile long today (above), and it was cold — really cold.

Fortunately our friend Kate Sheppard (who I highly recommend following during the talks on Twitter) had a spot for us near the front.

Even still, it took almost three hours to get inside, through security and into the credential line. But in typical Danish style the process was highly organized and the staff was very calm amidst the storm of journalists, observers and NGO representatives.

According the clerk at the desk, more than 5,000 were credentialed yesterday despite the bomb scare. And that leaves an estimated 25,000 more to go.

UPDATE: I made it in! Whew. You can follow my tweets from Copenhagen (#COP15) @greendig

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