Right around noon a new unofficial group called the “People’s Assembly” staged a dramatic procession and walk-out through the Bella Center. They joined thousands of protesters waiting outside, many of whom recently had their credentials revoked for the remainder of the conference. Here’s my video of the event:

The assembly was a way to channel NGO fury over a new draft long-term agreement which all but ignores G77 demands for a higher carbon target and significant funds for Adaptation (i.e. reparations) from GHG pollution inflicted on the developing world by wealthy Annex II nations over the last two decades.

Naomi Klein (during a light night panel hosted by DeSmogBlog founder Kevin Grandia yesterday) cited a World Health Organization report that indicates over 110,000 people die each year as a direct result of climate change.

According to Klein, over 80% of the CO2 problem has been caused by the developed world and in a sort of cruel irony, only 20% of those impacts are felt by the north. The southern hemisphere bears 80% of the brunt of climate change.

On top of that, the NGO’s were rightfully furious by an unusual (some say illegal) move by the UNFCC to limit the NGO presence at COP15. During the last two days only 300 of the estimated 9,000 NGO badges will be allowed to pass through the doors of the Bella Center.

So Wednesday was in fact the last day of the “Climate Talks.” COP15 has now become the “Climate Summit” as over 100 heads of state arrive (each with a security entourage) marking an end to the public theater which normally accompanies UN events.

Danish Prime Minister Rasmussen will now be presiding over the summit of world leaders, replacing the COP President Connie Hedegaard. Right before I left the Bella Center today there was a sit-in of youth delegates who say they will not move until a fair & legally binding document is signed, but tomorrow they won’t be officially credentialed so it will be interesting to see how UN security handles the situation.

Copenhagen Day 10: NGO fury
NGO's furious over new draft agreement and a radical reduction of badges at the Bella Center. Only 300 delegates will now be allowed in.