By noon the Copenhagen climate talks ground to a halt after a move was put forward that attempted to collapse the two tracks of the conference -- KP (Kyoto) and LCA (Long-term Cooperative Action) -- into one, eliminating the single legal instrument that African negotiators currently have to work with at COP15.

Above is Nnimmo Bassey, International Chair of Friends of the Earth and founder of ERA (Environmental Rights Action), explaining why NGO's were backing the suspension of the talks led by African nations.

Then a glimmer of hope ... not! More trickery by the Yes Men in the form of a faux press release fooled many into believing that the Canadian negotiators had suddenly donned angel wings, offering to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent over 1990 levels.

The head-scratching that ensued for the 20 minutes or so before everyone realized Canada (and a bunch of bloggers) had been punk'd reinforced the point that Canada is one of the heaviest chains around the ankle of the COP15 climate talks.

Copenhagen Day 8: G77 walks out, Canada punk'd
Canada does an about-face on its climate target (if only) and the G77 suspends talks after a move to eliminate Kyoto Protocol language.