Surge SkyPixel
Surge - Cape La Grand National Park (Photo: Kirk Hille/SkyPixel)

Never underestimate the creative side of a drone — well, a drone paired with a really good photographer.

Take this picture, for example. Photographer Kirk Hille captured this amazing photo, titled "Surge," at Lucky Bay in the Cape La Grand National Park, Australia.

The photo captured the grand prize in SkyPixel's competition, which involved more than 10,000 entries from 146 countries. Ken Geiger, Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer and a SkyPixel competition judge, said “Surge” offered “a unique viewpoint, lovely color and composition” and “made an emotional connection with me, making me wish to be part of the scene.”

Hille's photo was captured using a DJI Phantom 3 Pro. (For insight into using this kind of drone, check out MNN's review of the DJI Phantom Vision+.) For more surprises, keep scrolling:

First prize for Professional Beauty: 'Populus in the Fall'

Populus Skypixel
Populus in the Fall (Photo: Hanbing Wang/SkyPixel)

Photographer Hanbing Wang won first prize in the Professional Beauty category for his photo of fall poplar trees in the Yuli Country of Xinjiang Uyghur, China.

Third Prize for Dronie: 'Drone Selfie with my Wife'

toning joe skypixel
Drone Selfie with my Wife. (Photo: Toning Joe/Skypixel)

Photographer Toning Joe doesn't provide much detail about where this image is taken, but the setting and contrasting colors couldn't be more perfect.

Second prize for Beauty: 'Texas Thunderhead'

Darin Kuntz Skypixel
Thunderhead over West Texas (Photo: Darin Kuntz/Skypixel)

Darin Kuntz captured this dramatic thunderstorm as it loomed over Lubbock, Texas in April 2015.

First Prize for Enthusiast Beauty: 'The Eye'

The Eye SkyPixel
An ice fisherman's hole from above. (Photo: Maksim Tarasov/Skypixel)

Amateur drone pilot Maksim Tarasov captured this beautiful shot of a hole drilled in a lake by a fisherman. He aptly named it 'The Eye.'

Third prize for Professional Beauty: 'In a Drift'

In a Drift Skypixel
Yacht drifting at sea (Photo: Karlo Matuguinas/Skypixel)

Karlo Matuguinas captured this shot of what appears to be a yacht performing a drift at sea.

Third prize for Enthusiast Beauty: 'Hot Air Balloon'

hot air balloon skypixel
Hot Air Balloon (Photo: Glen Orsak/Skypixel)

Photographer Glen Orsak had the good fortune of capturing this beautiful shot of a hot air balloon. "The sun's shadow points to the landing spot," he writes in the entry.

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