Sierra Club claims victory after a year-long campaign asking Dynergy to shift its investment away from building new dirty coal plants and towards clean, renewable sources of energy.  The Houston-based coal giant issued a press release yesterday after dissolving a joint venture that would have created 5 new coal plants. Dynergy is one of the largest energy producers in the US, and Sierra Club strategically targeted them with a massive call-in operation and face-to-face meetings with Dynergy executives.

Sierra Club campaign director Bruce Niles issued the following statement:

This is a major victory in Sierra Club’s efforts to stop the construction of dirty coal-fired power plants. Dynegy had been the largest developer of new coal-fired power plants in the country, and it seems like the company has recognized our efforts to move to a clean energy future. We applaud them for taking this major step forward.
The Sierra Club is part of a coalition to end the "clean coal" marketing campaign, a campaign that suggests new coal plants will be cleaner than previous plants despite the present environmental hazards associated with current coal-fired technology.
Dynergy scraps plans for new coal plants
Sierra Club claims success after year-long 'Clean up Dynergy' campaign