There are few opportunities when sending a simple e-mail could make a difference ... Tomorrow the Hawaii House of Representatives will be voting on a groundbreaking bill that would ban the possession or export of shark fins in Hawaii. If you e-mail them the following form letter today (edit as you please), it will make a difference by showing the Representatives of the House that the whole world is watching this one:
E-mail address:

TO: House Representatives:

RE: House floor vote on Measure SB 2169 Relating to shark fins

Dear Representatives:

I am writing in support of Measure SB2169 Relating to shark fins. Hawaii's passage of this bill will show the world that Hawaii is taking a leadership role in protecting the marine ecosystems on which countless Hawaiians and people throughout the world depend for their livelihoods, food and recreation.

Please do not allow special interests to take precedence over the future of our oceans and our planet! Please support the passage of this groundbreaking bill.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

A group of women activists — the Shark Angels — recently created a great website full of information and resources about sharks and the vital role they play in managing healthy oceans. The needless slaughter of millions of sharks every year is pushing the species to the brink of extinction. 

There is some opposition to the bill by special interests, but if Hawaii can pass the bill tomorrow it will set a major precedent both in the U.S. and internationally, and be the first step in a sweeping conservation agenda that could prevent the extinction of sharks. So e-mail your message right now!

Thanks to Shawn Heinrichs for the tip on this and to his whole team at Wildsphere for the awesome video above.

E-mail Hawaii today and save marine life
A history-making vote tomorrow could ban shark finning in Hawaii -- a major step to saving our oceans. Email your support today!