Crude, The Cove, No Impact Man, The Age of Stupid, Food Inc. -- this year has been packed with environmental documentaries. And unless you are a frequent film festival goer you probably have missed out on most all of them..

Fortunately there is a new service akin to a "green Netflix" which allows you to catch up on some of the best environmental documentaries being made.

Called Earth Cinema Circle, this video club costs about $150 per year and ships 6 DVD's per year (using carbon neutral shipping of course). Each DVD has 4 films selected from 1000's of submissions. This month it's Elephants, Iguanas, Bears and Rhinos. You can watch the trailers here.

Eco-spokesman Ed Bagley Jr. is one of the founders of the company. Here's what he has to say:

Earth Cinema's 'green netflix'
Environmental films normally screened only at film festivals can now be ordered in the Earth Cinema Circle film club.