An unlikely environmentalist, farmer Lynn Henning, was called into action after being falsely accused of exposing the source of a toxic spill in a nearby country park — a CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation).

CAFO's have been popping up all over Michigan. They should be illegal. For one thing, they are inhumane ... essentially massive mechanized cages for cows that never see the light of day. In addition, CAFOs tend to produce festering toxic cesspools that not only stink like hell, but tend to leach out, polluting both soil and groundwater.

Lynn is a member of the Sierra Club and was one of six environmentalists awarded a $150,000 prize at last week's award ceremony. The Goldman Prize is akin to the Academy Awards for the environment, and its website has an amazing collection of great stories about some of the bravest and most visionary environmentalists working across the globe — Asia, Africa, Europe, S. America, N. America and island nations.

Farmer battles animal factory and wins
Lynn Henning, a country farmer, wins the Goldman Prize for battling a massive factory cattle operation that was polluting once fertile farms in Michigan.