The good news is there are some A's and B's, but mixed in with a class of good and up-and-coming office supply companies there some pretty bad eggs.

Nonprofit Forest Ethics has emerged as one of the leading watchdogs of the paper industry. Their paper Report Card looks at several factors: the origins of the paper a company sells and how those forests are managed, where those forests are located, use of sterile tree farms, responsible forestry certification, recycling and reduction, and other environmental leadership.

This year they made a handy pocket guide which you can get here (PDF). You can also visit the Report Card website and get the extensive report on each company and where they get their paper.

Or I can save you some time... FedEx Office and Office Depot get a big thumbs up. CostCo and are at the bottom of the class!

ForestEthics releases Green Grades for paper industry
The 3rd annual Green Grades report card by ForestEthics holds big office supply companies accountable for their sometimes questionable paper sourcing.