After the death of many family members in Louisiana due to toxic pollutants from a nearby petrochemical plant, filmmaker Josh Tickell sets out to expose the oil industry in his new film FUEL. The film has received wide acclaim and with the Sundance Audience Award (and 11 standing ovations) under its belt, it's hitting the big screen this friday.

The film features a cadre of expert and celebrity interviews -- Sheryl Crow, Woody Harrelson, Richard Branson, Willy Nelson, Barbara Boxer, Robert Kennedy -- and explores America's dependence on foreign oil and the many new fuel options that provide a way out, in particular biofuels.

While I am vehemently opposed to biofuels that rely on agricultural lands for their production (like corn ethanol and soy or rapeseed biodiesel), the film looks into algae and other fuels that could be grown sustainable without sacrificing arable lands. Here's the film's synopsis: 

FUEL is an insightful portrait of America’s addiction to oil and an uplifting testament to the immediacy of new energy solutions. Director, Josh Tickell, a young activist, shuttles us on a whirlwind journey to track the rising domination of the petrochemical industry—from Rockefeller’s strategy to halt Ford’s first ethanol cars to Vice President Cheney's petrochemical company sponsored energy legislation — and reveals a gamut of available solutions to "repower America" —from vertical farms that occupy skyscrapers to algae facilities that turn wastewater into fuel. Tickell and a surprising array of environmentalists, policy makers, and entertainment notables take us through America’s complicated, often ignominious energy past and illuminate a hopeful, achievable future, where decentralized, sustainable living is not only possible, it’s imperative.
It should be a great premier, and I'll be attending (and twittering) from West Hollywood. If you want to get on FUEL's insider updates list you can text "follow fuel" to 87995.

If you want to see how oil campaigns dole out campaign money, check out the "Follow the Oil Money" online tracker.