A new website called the Green Economy Network was just launched in conjunction with with Green Inauguration Ball, hosted by Al Gore. It's in its early (beta) phase with many more cool features to come, but it currently hosts video (like the video above featuring Obama's environmental team) submitted by government organizations, businesses and individuals working towards the furthering of the green economy. As the website describes:
We gather on January 19, 2009, a date that reminds us of the power of a dream, in order to celebrate the start of a new and exciting journey for our country and ourselves — the birth of the new Green Economy in the United States of America. We are driven by the deep desire to provide our country with a sustainable economic base that can employ ALL of our people, foster the bold innovation that exemplifies American entrepreneurialism, and revere our precious environment that sustains us all. Our success will be predicated on the strength and diversity of the Leadership that will carry the new Green Economy into businesses, classrooms, communities and homes by a multiplicity of media, methods, and initiatives.
The goal of GEN is to bring together the hundreds of groups and businesses working in fields like cleantech, green building, waste and water management and conservation, all of which will come together to build the new "green economy." Everyone is invited to join the network and submit video about both your contributions and hopes for a healthy economy which supports a healthy environment. I've been working in a consulting capacity with this great group of individuals including Lora Oconnor, Celia Canfield of EcoVertex, Richard  Sharp of PodChannels, Clare Munn of TCG, and many others. Great work guys!