Did researchers finally find a cure for cancer? The preliminary results look good so far.


A team of scientists from the University of Georgia and the Mayo Clinic have recently released the results of animals studies in which they tested a new vaccine that can seek out and kill cancer cells — even in fast-growing cancers that kill quickly.


Thus far, the vaccine has only been tested on mice, so researchers cannot be sure that it will work on humans. But the National Cancer Institute has tagged the MUC1 vaccine, calling it one of the most promising potential cancer-fighting drugs currently under development. The MUC1 vaccine will be developed and marketed under the name Viamune. 


The researchers' goal, according to a recent article in the Athens Banner Herald, is that “the new vaccine could be used to prevent recurrences of cancer, to prevent cancer in patients at high risk of developing a cancer, and also could be used together with other therapies to fight cancers that can’t be beaten back with surgery, such as pancreatic cancer.”


Amazing. Now let's just hope it works.

Georgia researchers develop vaccine that kills cancer cells
MUC1 vaccine has only been tested on mice, but it is considered a promising cure for cancer in humans.