If I were CEO of the universe, I would create an 11th commandment ... thou shalt not smote thy neighbor with thy leaf blower.

The constant drone of motors blowing leaves around for hours on end (when the same task would take 20 minutes with a rake) and the millions of gallons of gasoline wasted by these nasty little machines never cease to plague the life of this work-at-home blogger.

Fortunately for me there is a company called Clean Air Lawn Care that is helping to correct this cardinal suburban sin. Its founder, Kelly Giard, was nominated as one of the top five entrepreneurs in Entrepreneur Magazine's "Emerging Category."

Kelly is one of 15 entrepreneurs competing for the top spot in the magazine's annual award issue in three categories -- established, emerging and college.

Until this year almost none of the contestants led green businesses, but this year green entrepreneurs dominate the contest. Seven of the nominated entrepreneurs have green products or services, including OrganicLife, LLC which offers organic lunches to schools and colleges:

All the contestants are profiled on video and you can vote for your favorites. This year (with enough MNN voters) green entrepreneurs may very well sweep the awards.
Green businesses dominate Entrepreneur Magazine's top 15
Green businesses dominate this year's Top Entrepreneur contest in all categories. Vote for your favorite.