Though arguing continues over the outcome of the COP15 climate talks, no one is arguing about the huge success of the massive climate march that took place on the Saturday after the first week of the talks.

100,000 people (mind you this is equal to 1/5 of the entire population of the city) marched all the way from the Danish parliament, through Christianshavn all the way to the Bella Center.

I'm going through all my footage and I had to post a video showing the sights and sounds of this amazing event. At the end you will see the huge tarp made by the youth delegation of New Zealand. It has thousands of signatures from kids in New Zealand and Australia.

I was walking underneath it when the sun came out and created this magical moment — the silhouette of protesters backlit against golden sunlight and the haunting gaze of a little girl whose future is about to be determined.

Highlights from Copenhagen
Video clips from the great Copenhagen march for the climate.