The Global Green Oscar tradition continues this year with a dazzling line up of A-list stars for tonight's party.

I'll be attending, and although it might seem off-topic for a tech blogger, the event is benefitting a very cool and very innovative cause — the Green Schools Initiative. Global Green is attempting to raise awareness and private funding for much needed upgrades to public schools around the nation. Using daylighting techniques, hi-efficiency lighting and ventilation and natural materials, researchers have found students performance improves 25 percent while reducing operational costs by as much as 40 percent.

In preparation for the event, I thought I would brush up on the celebrities in attendance and what their favorite green causes are. Here goes...

Sheryl Crow -- The headliner tonight. Last year, our favorite country-rocker chic went on the road to Stop Global Warming. She has been a long-time advocate for biofuels and also appears in the upcoming movie FUEL.

Leonardo DiCaprio -- A long-time environmental activist, Leonardo has his own environmental foundation which focuses on teaching children about global warming. He also created an educational film called the 11th hour which maps our downward spiral into environmental degradation.

Penelope Cruz -- Cruz was a spokesperson for the Green Cities competition, and is an advocate for global greenhouse gas regulations, both here and in her native Spain.

Orlando Bloom -- a confessed environmental novice, Bloom was struck by the awesome grandeur of the glaciers on a recent trip to Antarctica, and saw the urgency of doing something about climate change. He is a big solar advocate in the UK, and powers his home and car off solar power.

Damien Rice -- Irish musician extraordinaire who, in addition to his charity work with human rights groups for Tibet and Burma, is a member of Global Green.

Kate Bosworth -- a proponent of the organic food movement, she supports the Organic Center, a nonprofit research group that looks into the health impacts of conventionally grown foods.

The list goes on -- Heather Graham, Neil Patrick Harris, Norman Lear, Marissa Tomei, Rosario Dawson and many more. But I have to get my eco on for the event tonight. I'll be twittering the whole night so stay tuned @greendig.

Hollywood stars line up for Global Green Oscar Party
In preparation for the big bash, I uncover the celebs' top green causes.