After talking with Dr. Williams of IBM's Big Green Innovations division, I found these great little videos put together by the IBM social media team to spread the word about their 'smarter planet' initiative. Called the initiative is divided into 12 sectors -- planet, energy, traffic, food, infrastructure, retail, intelligence, change, banking, telco, oil and healthcare. 

With the tagline, "A mandate for change, is a mandate for smart," IBM hopes to capitalize on the burgeoning demand for knowledge and management technologies that can reduce waste, increase efficiencies, and facilitate the movement of goods and services using sophisticated computing smarts.

They have added a Smarter Planet blog, which covers innovative applications of their intelligence technologies to everything from paperless healthcare (which Obama mentioned today in his address) to revamping the energy grid:

IBM's Smarter Planet campaign videos
IBM flexes its tech muscle, tackling the world's biggest problems by making the planet smarter.