Last week We Can Solve It, a nonprofit dedicated to preventing climate change, attempted to get ABC to run their 30 second ad called "Repower America" during Inauguration week. Despite a petition of 240,000 signatures, they refused. A letter just sent from the organization explains:

ABC had Chevron. CBS had Exxon. CNN had the coal lobby. But you know what happened last week? ABC refused to run our Repower America ad — the ad that takes on this same oil and coal lobby.

The rejection is not to surprising, but I suppose a little shocking, coming from a network (the only one for quite some time) that openly presents research on climate change. You can join the petition by visiting the We Can Solve It site. Below is the spot:

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Major TV networks block climate change ad
We Can Solve It asks for public support to get ABC to run 'Repower America' ad.