If you haven't yet heard of the uber cool social network called YouthNoise don't feel too bad. You have to be under 27 to join, and the site is geared specifically for teens and young adults who possess that "rebel with a cause" sensibility.

Since its inception in 2001, the online nonprofit has partnered with the likes of the Case Foundation and UNICEF to raise awareness and money for specific causes -- social, environmental and political.

This past week, YouthNoise announced a partnership with Nike to beat the pants off that old-school fuel called gasoline. Amateur athletes are invited to post photos and videos that demonstrate the power of human muscle, and how human-powered transportation wins against the tyranny of gas-powered transportation.

In the official Beat Gasoline microsite, Nike also makes some very bold claims about its commitment to the planet:

Nike is firmly committed to addressing environmental challenges in the world today, both in how we manage our footprint and in the design of our products. Nike has exceeded our CO2 emissions reduction target through the World Wildlife Fund's Climate Savers program ... By FY11 we expect to make all our footwear meet or exceed standards set in our sustainability index; make our Nike brand facilities climate neutral; reduce footwear manufacturing waste by 17 percent; and reduce packaging and point-of-purchase manufacturing waste by 30 percent. All Nike, Inc. facilities are targeted to be climate neutral by 2015.
There are some great prizes including a BMX bike and $1000 cash ... not nearly enough to gas up your car for a year but plenty to power your own human engine.
Manpower versus horsepower
YouthNoise partners with Nike for 'Beat Gasoline' video contest.