One of the highlights of my time in Copenhagen was the fantastic panel put on at the Fresh Air studio by climate blogger Kevin Grandia featuring George Monbiot, Naomi Klein and Katherine Goldstein (of Huff Post).

George launched into a 10-minute monologue/comedy routine chronicling how a few relatively benign e-mails snowballed into an epic PR nightmare for two socially inept scientists. The video above is edited down a bit but still captures the tale.

While Climategate failed to have the effect desired by climate denialists at the Copenhagen climate talks, Mobiot hopes that it will serve as a major wake-up call for universities and research institutes — as their scientists become more and more central in the politics of climate change, they will need to start manning up with some serious PR training.

Monbiot takes on the climate denial industry
A hilarious accounting of 'Climategate' and why universities need to professional PR help.