In January I blogged about the Summit on the Summit trek up Mt. Kilimanjaro which was organized by musical artist Kenna to raise awareness about a water crisis that has been growing more urgent each year. Experts estimate that 1.8 million people will die this year resulting from lack of access to clean drinking water with melting glaciers (like the one on Mt Kilimanjaro), soil erosion and desertification being principally to blame.

Jessica Biel, Emile Hirsch, Alexandra Cousteau and a band of artists and scientists made the 6-day trip, and world-renown photographer Michael Muller documented the adventure. His photographs and footage taken by a video crew will be aired Sunday on MTV. Read more on Huffington Post.

MTV to air Summit on the Summit
Celebrity trek up Mt. Kilimanjaro will be aired on MTV Sunday to raise awareness of an emerging global water crisis.