This is going to be a simple post ... GO SEE THIS MOVIE!

Seriously, it is one of the best environmental films I've seen in years. It manages to make its point but only after deeply immersing the viewer in 87 minutes (the French version has an extra 20 minutes of footage) of spectacular imagery that most of the time you can't even believe you're seeing.

Oceans literally takes you inside the coral reefs, alongside giant whales, swimming with schools of fish, and witnessing such bizarre events as a great crab war. Pierce Brosnan's narration is spare. His points are made quietly and backed up by a truly beautiful score by award-winning composer Bruno Coulais.

After the Hollywood premiere last week, attended by such Disney luminaries as the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus, I was fortunate to attend a private party with the producers and got to ask how they actually shot the footage. According to one of the lead photographers, it took six months to build each camera rig. They had to be totally soundproof to allow the cameramen to get so close without disturbing the peace. The divers were also specially trained to use recirculating tanks which allowed them to dive to great depths without making any bubbles. 

Disney also partnered up with Participant films on a social action campaign called, which hosts a bunch of resources and ways you can help fight the rapid destruction of marine habitats. It also includes this nifty animated video about plastic pollution featuring Tilly & the Wall (a great band, especially if you like tap dancing):

Use Less Plastic from TakePart on Vimeo.

Oceans: Maybe the best environmental movie ever
With photographic technology invented for the film, French director Jacques Perrin takes viewers on a never-before-seen journey into the ocean depths.