Firstly hats off to Marc Gunther and the organizers of the Fortune Magazine Green Brainstorm. It was certainly one of the best of the more than 20 events I've been to this year, packed with great people and great information.

Given the fast-paced nature of the three days, it was next to impossible to write about everything that transpired. So for those of you who didn't follow my tweets, I thought this would be the best way to provide a recap.

So here is the blow-by-blow in reverse chronological order. You can also search on Twitter for the #FortuneGreen and get all the posts from the many bloggers, tweeters, and CEO's present at the event.

@GreenDig feed for #FortuneGreen:

RT @maxgladwell @makower thinks @BillClinton should be bestowed the title of "Eco Geek in Chief" #FortuneGreen
10:59 PM Apr 22nd from web


Clinton: Walmart cut their packaging 5%, made money and took the equivalent of 213,000 diesel trucks off the road #fortunegreen2:36 PM Apr 23rd from txt


Can a 100 MPG Hummer save the world? PM Apr 23rd from web


Great post on "The Patriot Tax" by @
MaxGladwell -- PM Apr 22nd from web


Clinton Foundation will be focusing on integrated waste mgmt..capturing methane from landfills and training scavengers to recycle. #fort 
... 11:00 AM Apr 22nd from txt


Bill Clinton #fortunegreen Empire State Bldg. $33M energy efficiency investment will be paid off in 8 years. This is the model..10:53 AM Apr 22nd from txt


Bill Clinton #fortunegreen "The most important thing you can do is to prove the [energy] transformation... is good economics."10:50 AM Apr 22nd from txt


Steve Howard #fortunegreen Avoided deforestation could solve about 40% of the climate problem.10:34 AM Apr 22nd from txt


Matthew Kiernan #fortunegreen 57 trillion investment capital available for green, but only 10 billion allocated. Good news is awareness ...9:47 AM Apr 22nd from txt


Peter Hebert of Lux Capital #fortunegreen Cleantech startups can no longer apply capitalization strategies of silicon valley software st ...9:42 AM Apr 22nd from txt


Who's accounting true costs of climate pollution? #fortunegreen panel thinks current climate regulation isn't strong enough to change bu ...8:33 AM Apr 22nd from txt


RT @leon_c_young -- Email spam produces 17 million tons CO2 per year: PM Apr 21st from web


'Big Green Lies' new tv show on greenwashing premiers tomorrow night w/ Jeffrey Hollender.5:23 PM Apr 21st from txt


Mike Brune: "There are already more people working in wind energy in the US today than coal."4:52 PM Apr 21st from txt


Mike Brune of RAN: "Every dollar we sink into carbon capture is a dollar better spent on energy efficiency and renewable energy."4:36 PM Apr 21st from web


Van Jones on working for Obama: "I've only seen the guy twice and the first time I almost fainted." LOL4:09 PM Apr 21st from txt


New term at #fortunegreen: "greenhushing." Tiffany has been working sustainability for 10 years but hasn't publicized for fear of greenwashing ...3:41 PM Apr 21st from txt


1 gold wedding band creates 20 tons of waste rock. Tiffany customers assume "Nothing bad has ever happened here." But they don't want de ...


@marcgunther asks sustainable supply chain panel: "How do you get people to pay more for a backstory?" #fortunegreen3:05 PM Apr 21st from web


Arlin Wasserman of Sodexo: traceability of food system is safety announcements have grown 1 per day.

2:29 PM Apr 21st from txt



As Jim Rogers of Duke Energy was talking climate policy #fortunegreen, 42 were arrested protesting his latest dirty coal plant in S. Car 
... 2:18 PM Apr 21st from txt


Shai Agassi #fortunegreen: "I can afford a BMW, I just can't afford being seen in one."
12:03 PM Apr 21st from web


Awkward moment at #fortunegreen. Valentine from HOK: "Walmart is sucking the life out of the small town." AM Apr 21st from web


Paul Hawken just funded (oversubscribed) biomimicry company with Janine Benyus, 1sun.. PV panel made for $17 based on the leaf.
10:54 AM Apr 21st from web


Starbucks to release new sustainability report tomorrow..includes method for rewarded growers for carbon value of land #fortunegreen
9:26 AM Apr 21st from txt


#fortunegreen Paul Hawken: "Green is the new business as usual. That's what worries me."
8:32 PM Apr 20th from txt


Bill Ford to Ian Clifford CEO of Zenn Motors, "You guys are leading the charge, so to speak!" (LOL) #fortunegreen
6:55 PM Apr 20th from txt


"When I joined the board I was asked to stop affiliating w/ known or suspected environmentalists." Times have changed... #fortunegreen
6:01 PM Apr 20th from txt


Ford has developed plug-n-play set of "global platforms" so can adapt basic cars to use multiple fuel types -- Bill Ford #fortunegreen
5:42 PM Apr 20th from txt


The entire #fortunegreen panel Spotlight on Washington panel gives Obama an 'A' for midterm energy policy.
4:52 PM Apr 20th from txt

"Give us the incentive to invest in energy efficiency." The price of energy is going up, carbon tax or not. -- Jim Rogers, Duke
4:24 PM Apr 20th from txt


Everyone agrees that 100% auction is right but need transition period w/ permits to limit consumer cost to "a dime a day" -- Fred Krupp 
... 4:11 PM Apr 20th from txt


"Investment is paralyzed" by lack of carbon rules -- Fred Krupp. Good chance of bill by Memorial Day. #fortunegreen
3:47 PM Apr 20th from txt


#fortunegreen Dave Crane NRG "You don't want to punish early movers" by letting EPA create carbon law. Need Congress to lead.
3:44 PM Apr 20th from txt


Arrived at #Fortunegreen in Laguna..are the fortune 500 going green?
2:18 PM Apr 20th from txt

Recap of the Fortune Green Brainstorm
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