Future360.tv is a new video platform exclusively focused on innovation in clean technology. After many years reporting on environmental issues, founder and host Sarah Backhouse wanted to focus on the solutions to the planet’s climate, energy and environmental problems. “Cleantech is a win-win. Where else do you get to do good, by doing well?”


The site’s topic coverage is as broad as its geographical scope, which traverses the globe from Silicon Valley in California to Munich, Germany. The short, premium videos cover all the key sectors from energy to water, building to transportation, as well as entrepreneurship and investment.


For Bakhouse — a veteran host and producer with credits on BBC, CNBC, PBS, Planet Green and Discovery Channel — video was the obvious medium of choice for her new endeavor.


“Video can condense and simplify how often complicated technologies work,” says Backhouse. “There is so much incredible work being done in the sector, I think there’s a real need for dynamic story-telling to excite stakeholders and demystify cleantech for consumers. We want to do our part to ensure cleantech thrives.”


Future360 is looking to expand and grow in 2012. “In many ways, our trajectory mirrors that of the cleantech start-ups we cover,” says Backhouse. “Now that proof of concept has been established, we’re looking for strategic partnerships in business, government and nonprofit sectors to help us achieve altitude.” With so many talented entrepreneurs working on innovative new technologies and business models, there's certainly no lack of material. 


Check out the video on the Future360 website.


Sneak peek into the future with video series Future360
A new web video series showcases the latest greatest innovations in clean and green technology.