It is indeed good news. More clean tech investing in the U.S. means more green jobs, more energy security and (hopefully) will prove the point that the U.S. clean tech investment community has to get its butt in gear.

In the spring, the Danish royal family visited Colorado where they presided over a $300 million investment in Vestas, establishing one of the largest wind plants in the U.S. Now Spanish solar company Otras Producciones de Energia Fotovoltaica (OPDE) is in the final negotiating phases of a 24-megawatt solar array at the port of Sacramento.

Dont' get me wrong. I love the Danes and the Spaniards. I just wish that it were American investors making history by funding the biggest clean energy projects the United States. It seems the Europeans are primed to make the biggest dents in global warming by assisting the slow-witted Americans in their fossil fuel rehab.

And of course that means the Europeans will also be primed to make the most money in the clean energy land grab.

But I digress. Here's the news as reported by the Sacramento Business Journal. The Spanish company will be leasing about 160 acres from the port of Sacramento to build the $175 million plant, which will provide enough energy to fully power more than 6,000 homes.

This project will close to double the largest existing solar project in the U.S. -- the 14-megawatt Nells Air Force Base facility.

Spanish company to build largest solar plant in U.S.
First the Danes fund the largest wind company in the U.S. Now the Spaniards are set to open a 24-megawatt solar plant in California. Why are American investors