A remarkable new aftermarket device by Sabertec, LLC bolts onto any auto tailpipe.  Called "The Blade," this device is part filter part engine tuner.  Using an innovative "bobbin and cartridge" design for the filter, it is able to extract smog-producing particulates, and by improving the flow of oxygen into the engine it increase efficiency.  After extensive testing, the Blade has proven a 16-34% savings on engine performance and gas mileage! That’s an average of about 3.8 MPG’s.

Photo: Sabertec, LLC

This small increase in efficiency results in impressive annual savings.  A typical US driver travels about 30 miles per day or 10,800 miles per year. At the national average of 22 MPG that means about 490 gallons of gas. At $4 per gallon, the average US driver spends about $2,000 per year.

Bolt on the BLADE and the same driver would now use 418 gallons, spending $1,675...a savings of about $325.  The unit costs $200, so in roughly 9 months, you would pay back your investment, then continue to receive ongoing savings of up to 34%.

The ATDS (Auto Testing and Development Services) used the most rigorous testing protocols to determine the following stats on the Blade:

* 6% reduction of CO2

* 33% reduction of Methane (21 times worse than CO2)

* 34% reduction of Nitrogen oxides

* 57% reduction of hydrocarbons

* 14% reduction of Carbon Monoxide

* 88% reduction of NMHC

Less soot, less global warming and less money at the pump.  It seems like the Blade should come standard on every vehicle.  Sabertec is an environmental technology company specializing in emission reduction technologies.  They recently developed a large diesel truck version of the same tailpipe filter, which could have dramatic impact on the overall emissions of the US trucking fleet.

Tail pipe "Blade" adds 3.8 MPG
Innovative aftermarket device reduces auto emissions and saves gas.