Teddy Kennedy will be remembered and revered for decades to come as one of the Senate's most outspoken and powerful agents for positive change. Not so many remember his long-standing efforts to preserve what he believed to be one of the nation's greatest assets -- the natural environment.

The green blogosphere has been chronicling some of the Senator's many important environmental achievements:

  • sponsoring the first bill (30 years ago!) to create automobile mileage requirements
  • improving nationwide energy efficiency through weatherization programs
  • expanding mass transit projects in the United States
  • pushing for protection waterways in the Clean Water Act
  • fighting for the preservation of the Alaskan Wildlife Refuge
  • advocating for passage of the new clean energy bill 
  • securing funds to clean up and restore toxic brownfield sites
Climate Progress has a great list that details more of his environmental successes, and GNR this week paid home to the 'Lion' of the Senate:
'Green News Report' w/ Brad Friedman & Desi Doyen
August 27, 2009

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Ted Kennedy, an environmental hero
The green blogoshphere pays homage to a senator who has done much for the environment. Plus, a bunch of news that will remind you just how much environmentalist