With the oil spill counter ticking madly away (as of the writing of this post it is 3,500,000 gallons and counting) we at Planet 100 wondered how the Gulf oil spill compares with other major oil spill catastrophes. So Sarah Backhouse did some digging and made a list of the 5 worst oil spills:

1. The Gulf War = 360,000,000 gallons (about 100x the current BP spill)

2. Ixtoc 1 = 138,000,000 gallonsĀ 

3. Atlantic Empress = 90,000,000 gallons

4. Nowruz Oil Spill = 80,000,000 gallons

5. Exxon Valdez = 10,800,000 gallons

Time will tell how we come out on this one.

The 5 worst oil spills on record
Planet 100 investigates the 5 worst oil spills on record and how the Gulf oil spill compares.