I am a big ol' technology nerd and I was blown away by this video describing how the first image of the entire Earth was taken back in 1966. The image quality is not quite up to par with the Blue Marble photo, but it had to overcome the added challenges of having to be processed in space and then transmitted back to Earth in a time when the entirety of NASA's computer power was less than what your average smart phone pumps out these days. It's so impressive it hurts.



Science has allowed us to do amazing things, and I think allowing us to see our planet in its entirety ranks up there on the list of our Big Achievements. It's a beautiful thing.


Via Boing Boing



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The amazing story behind the first photo taken of the entire Earth
This grainy black-and-white photo represents a huge leap in humanity's ability to see our world for what it is — a small shiny marble in a vast sea of darkne