As YouTube user crunchmaster9000 said, SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!


Samsung recently unveiled a new smart window at the CES technology convention that is blowing people's minds all over the Web. The Smart Window looks like any normal window until you touch it and activate the computer driving it. When the window springs to life, it gives users the ability to launch apps, browse the Internet, and watch videos right on the glass. The screen can instantly be transformed to show a rainy day outside and then just as quickly changed to a broiling desert, a deserted beach or snowy mountains.


Check it out:



I want to see this embedded into mirrors.


I am continually amazed at the technological advances we make year to year (we live in the future I imagined as possible when I was young) and hope we can solve this whole global warming thing so we can continue to push the edge of what's possible.



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The future is now: Samsung's Smart Window
Samsung's new Smart Window, set to hit the market later this year, is straight out of a science-fiction movie and will allow you to check your news, weather and