What if your kids could print out their own microscope and carry it around in their back pockets? What if doctors in developing nations had access to simple, inexpensive microscopes that they could use to instantly and efficiently diagnose diseases? What if both of those innovations were the same thing?

In this awesome talk, TED fellow Manu Prakash, explains the idea behind — and the power within -—the FoldScope, a completely functional microscope that folds up like a piece of origami. It's rugged. It's waterproof. And it was created for less than 50 cents a piece. Get ready to have your mind blown by this nifty little piece of paper that could revolutionize hands-on science for kids and global health care for the world.

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This 50 cent microscope folds up like origami
The FoldScope will bring microscopes to the masses and revolutionize health care around the world.